Michigan native and Seattle-based artist Jon Cooney creates artwork that invokes a natural feeling with an organic sensibility.  He primarily works with acrylic paint on a wide variety of materials including paper, canvas, ocean stones and wood panels.

After graduating from the College for Creative Studies in Detroit, Jon studied with professional paper fiber sculptor Myron Melnick in Denver, Colorado for a 10-month apprenticeship.  He went on to live in a number of different areas of the country including Portland and New York, mostly making art and performing music before moving to California in 2003.  After seven years in the East Bay area he relocated to Seattle.  He had visited the area a few times to see family while growing up and was always drawn to one day live in the mystic lands of the Northwest.

Jon feels a direct correlation between his art and how it resembles his life.  He sees the relation between the freedom of the spirit, and the freedom of the creative process.  In order to channel the creative spirit, one must keep strengthening and developing themselves along their way.  The more he works on balancing his life and overcoming obstacles, the more easily he is able to create and build a strong relationship with his artistic endeavors and enjoy the process.  Continually going toward the light through the ebb and flow of life.